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This site is dedicated to Argentine tango music, art, literature, and dance.  

Tango Lírico accepts submission of artwork, stories, poetry, and articles on tango.   Please send these to tangolirico@gmail.com

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Linda Walsh is a writer, artist, and dancer with a background in ballet and modern dance.   She hosts the weekly Palermo Tango Club milonga in Toronto, contributes articles to dance magazines, teaches tango, and is a DJ for tango events.  In 2001, after 10 years of listening to tango music and her first trip  to Argentina, she became enchanted with the magic of tango.  She has made several trips to Buenos Aires to learn about tango music and dance. 



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Develop your musicality and personal style. Beginners and dancers with more experience are welcome. Let's dance!

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Linda's story based on tango, At half-light, was recently on the longlist for the CBC Short Story Prize 2018.





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